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At Rich & Fit Personal Training, you are treated like a celebrity, like a star, like a damn VIP walking on the red carpet — AND you’ll get results you never thought possible.

I’ve trained high-achievers and wealthy individuals my whole life and that has taught me that I absolutely HAVE to get you results.⁣ ⁣I understand that you will travel, eat out, and splurge on the finer things in life — sometimes often — so my methodology is realistic.⁣ ⁣I work to make sure each and every workout is not only effective, but EVEN BETTER than the last!⁣

I remove all the natural fear, frustration, or confusion that comes up as you go through this process. I struggled with my own weight as a kid and I figured out through trial and error the shortcuts and secrets of eating properly without any crazy diets; while learning the ideal way to exercise that 99.9% of people and personal trainers don’t know about.

My “superpower” is that I have the perspective of someone who had the worst possible genetics and conditions to be lean, fit, and athletic:

  • Born overweight and prone to easy fat gain
  • A familial system centered around pleasure-eating
  • Surrounded by a culture that was averse to physical activity

I struggled and suffered to achieve the results I wanted, and now I can empathize with others going through similar difficulties in their fitness journeys. I know that dieting sucks and I know that exercise is hard, but I also learned and developed the secrets to making it all enjoyable, sustainable, and effective. These secrets evolved into my proven and proprietary Fission~Fusion Method. I figured it out for myself, and then I helped over 2,000 people just like you change their lives, too.

If you’ve tried other gyms and other trainers before and not gotten the results you want, then you know the struggle I’m talking about – but I went through it so you don’t have to, and at Rich & Fit Personal Training we’ll overcome that, FAST.

Sure, it’ll cost a lot. But it’s worth every penny – and then some.

If my passion, my story, and my method speak to you, and you’re serious about achieving the same once-impossible goals for yourself, then go ahead and book a FREE consultation with me below to see if you qualify.

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