If You’ve Wanted To Take Control Of Your Body And Health, Cut Your Stress And Just Feel Better... But Despite All Your Efforts And Your Best Intentions, You Just Can’t Seem To Make That Breakthrough Right Now…This Is Your Answer!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why most of the fitness programs on the market never work?
There are even some that work for a few special people, but never work for you?
Have you ever wondered why you have worked so hard to fit exercise in, try new diets ­ but you just couldn’t ever achieve the results you deserve?
Is looking the way you want to look and feeling the way you want to feel eluding you in spite of all your efforts?
You wonder why, try different programs, start new diets but never find the answer!

Here Is Why Almost All Programs Fail…

99.9% of the popular fitness programs are created by coaches and trainers trying to make a quick buck…who do NOT have real gyms and studios in the physical world and have NOT trained thousands of REAL people in the offline world…
They give you and everyone else they “coach” a generic workout to follow and think it will work for everyone.
But people don’t want to be treated like cattle.

People WANT and NEED something deeper and more individualized.

If you want to FINALLY feel better, look better and cut the stress you’ve likely been experiencing, then you need to hire someone who has ALREADY attained success in the REAL-WORLD and has trained thousands IN PERSON…then we have great news…


Experience what it’s like to be trained by Dubai’s most expensive, most exclusive, and most effective personal trainer…BUT ONLINE!

Rich & Fit Personal Training guarantees its members the VIP treatment with its world-class team of fitness experts all immersed in founder Amir Siddiqui’s unique training philosophy, methodology, and system: Fission~Fusion Training.

This isn’t like any other fitness plan or mantra; it’s a guaranteed, proven system developed over Amir’s 20+ years of training and 2000+ VIP clients that delivers fast, lasting, and life-changing results tailored to your body and your goals.

No. Rich and Fit Personal Training isn’t for everyone. We’re Dubai’s Most-Unaffordable Personal Trainers for a reason. But if you’re serious about making a change, willing to invest handsomely in your health and fitness, and want to FINALLY get into the body of your dreams…then we are for you.


Founder Amir Siddiqui’s Fission~Fusion Method flips traditional training methodology completely on its head to achieve world-class results, fast. Whether you want to burn fat, drop kilos, love the body you see in the mirror, or regain your confidence and energy, every workout is tailored to you and your goals following our precise and proven methodology:

• More training, less dieting. Thanks to our superior training system, you’ll attain better results than ever before while continuing to eat like a real person.

• One method, tailored to you. No one-workout-for-all here. Training plans are completely personalized to you to suit your goals.

• Never get bored, never get injured. Training is exciting, challenging, effective, and safe. For probably the first time in your life, you’ll actually look forward to going to the gym and working out with us.

Rich and Fit Online Personal Training combines the key factors that other fitness programs miss:

Social Support – Most programs ignore the fact that for 99% of people…consistently being part of a health & fitness program that delivers results is too tough to do alone. We all need someone to pick us up and nudge us back on track when we stray. The Community of Rich and Fit Online Training does just that.

They make staying motivated and on track easy because they truly want you to succeed, unlike many of the people that we encounter in other areas of our lives.

Plus, because this is a community of people just like you, we share solutions to challenges that we face and provide insight & support to get us through.

Motivation – We provide updates workouts and constant coaching to keep your training program fresh and exciting, Rich and Fit Online Training using our Fission~Fusion Method will give you the motivation you need to finally reach your goals and make your results stick once and for all.

Accountability – RF Online Training uses everything from daily check ins to weekly updates to keep you on track and accountable…and ultimately any health & fitness program is only valuable if you stick to it.

Consistency – Most training programs are developed by people who don’t understand the schedule and responsibilities we have. Only we get the challenges we face in taking care of ourselves while taking care of everyone else too.

Because of that…it’s almost impossible to stick to a program that isn’t personally designed for us. So with that in mind, as a member of RICH AND FIT ONLINE TRAINING, each and every month you’ll get a new program that is specifically designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and you’ll have me and the entire RICH AND FIT Community to help you overcome any challenges you come up against so that you can stay on track.

When you have these four key factors in place, supportive eating, effective workouts, and even the way you handle stress, all get much, much easier.

Join RICH AND FIT ONLINE TRAINING Now and Get Instant Access To:

Coaching: Have all of your workout & nutrition questions answered personally by our best in class coaches.

Workouts: Tailored, personalized, and goal-focused workouts that keep you challenged and leave you feeling supremely energized and confident.

Instructional Coaching: Learn exactly how to perform every exercise you will need to do to achieve the results that you want.

Workout & Nutrition Logs: Log your workouts & diet for instant feedback

Training Is Monitored by visionary founder Amir Siddiqui because you are going to be using his proven proprietary Fission~Fusion method, pushing you to your limits and delivering unparalleled results.

Come Join Us -and let us help you on your Way To Looking & Feeling Your Best

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