“The only place to train in Dubai without wasting your time.” Marhaba to Rich & Fit Personal Training. 


You enter our five-diamond facility on a red carpet — literally. Once inside, friendly hosts welcome you with a pre-training gahwa and you are given the time to enjoy it. And then, when prepared, you meet your trainer to commence your Fission~Fusion workout and begin that day’s empowering and energizing transformation.

And who are you? You’re an elite who appreciates the latest in tech, the peak of designer fashion, the most immaculate jewelry, the flashiest custom license plates, and of course, the fastest cars. This appreciation for not the finer things but the finest things, and the willingness to do what it takes to attain them, is what unites our clientele.

At Rich & Fit Personal Training, you get what you pay for — yes, even as the World’s Most Unaffordable Personal Training — and then we give you so much more; the VIP experience, the red carpet treatment, the one-of-a-kind sense of community and support. 

This is an investment in your fitness and health, not an expense; and our luxurious atmosphere is the sweet cherry of interest on top.

If we seem expensive, that’s the point. Everyone of our VIP clients will tell you we’re worth every penny. And we will keep increasing our rates to stop the flood of applicants and ensure we provide only the best to the best.

What we mean by “we provide only the best”:
  • The trainers your personal trainers wish they could be — Amir’s team of passionate fitness experts are second to none in getting you to the body you want.
  • Superior training and less dieting. The Fission~Fusion Method flips traditional fitness thinking on its head to achieve faster, better, longer-lasting results. (If you don’t believe it, just read our Testimonials) all of which means a more enjoyable experience, dramatic results, and no crazy diets.
  • The red carpet treatment. Our elite team is highly attentive and supportive, tailoring your workouts to your goals and challenging and encouraging you every step of the way.
  • Camaraderie and community from the moment you walk in, greeted by name, and other members and trainers there to support and push you to, and beyond, your limits.
  • Love the person you see in the mirror; youthful, energetic, confident. Drop kilos, take complete control of your health, and feel the best you’ve ever felt; and get used to it, because with us, those results are going to stick around.
  • The facility: a classy, luxurious atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment few gyms can afford that–unlike at most gyms–is always well-maintained and fully sanitized for your safety.


And now, if you’re truly serious about investing in your million-dollar self…here are our membership plans:

Rich and Fit

Train 1 on 1 with Dubai’s Most Exclusive Personal Trainer, Amir Siddiqui

If you want the complete red carpet experience and total confidence of getting stronger, leaner, and fitter by working directly with Dubai’s most exclusive and highest paid personal trainer, then the Rich and Fit package is the one for you.

  • All prices are VAT incl.
  •  First and last month to be paid upon signature of the membership agreement
3 Month Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 20,723 per month (paid upfront)
1 Year Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 16,639 per month (first and last month deposit, paid every month)


Senior Coaches: 2:1

3 Month Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 10,364 per month (paid upfront)
1 Year Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 8,375 per month (first and last month deposit, paid every month)

Our 12-month Premium Plan gives you the proper time to achieve true and dramatic change to your physique. If time and consistency are the currency of fitness, then this membership fully maximizes the output of your investment. Plus, you’ll be hooked after just one workout. 

  • All prices are VAT incl.
  • First and last month to be paid upon signature of the membership agreement.


Junior Coaches: 2:1

Our basic and functional plan. Join our elite community at this level and prepare to grow from here.

3 Month Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 7,123 per month (paid upfront)
1 Year Package: 60min – 12 sessions per month – AED 5,205 per month (first and last month deposit, paid every month)

Trial Pass


AED 1,250 + VAT
Amir Session 1: Consult + Assessment
Tailored Program personally designed for you by Amir
Amir Session 2: Workout session with Amir


The 1-Week Pass is your chance to “test drive” our system and see, feel, and experience for yourself why we are the most expensive, most exclusive, and most effective gym in Dubai.

With this limited-time trial pass you get a taste of the Rich & Fit experience before you fully commit. Here’s just some of what comes with that:

  • An individualized exercise program detailing exactly which exercises to do, how to do them, and for how many reps, sets, and weight, so you waste no time spinning your wheels with unproductive workouts.
  • A personalized diet plan laying out the best foods to eat and when to eat them (without going crazy), with enough variety that you’ll never get bored.
  • A strategy guide for how to ensure you see results fast and know exactly what to do to take them to the next level.
  • An entire team of fitness experts at your fingertips to motivate, support, and inspire you, keeping you accountable and disciplined and treating you like you are the only client they have.
  • Rub elbows with Dubai’s elite, with a luxurious air of support, hospitality, and camaraderie in and out of the gym that you won’t find anywhere else.


  • All prices are VAT incl.

Got questions? Schedule a FREE, exclusive 1-on-1 consultation to see if you qualify for membership and discover which option is best for you.