Amir Siddiqui tells it like it is.

He didn’t come to the UAE to help the country get fit or lose weight (although, that is a helpful byproduct), he did so to make money. Since then has earned a reputation as one of Dubai’s most effective – and expensive – trainers.

Siddiqui runs Symmetry Gym to Rich And Fit Personal Training, often touted as Dubai’s most expensive. There’s a reason for that; mainly that the private gym only offers one-on-one training sessions with some of the region’s best fitness experts.

The gym also specializes in building fitness systems, and most recently put together a 28-day plan that costs a whopping US$9,800 (AED36,000) with no money back guarantee.

We sat down with Siddiqui in this month’s Esquire Q&A podcast to ask about the merits of this radical new system and the mistakes people make when getting fit.

You can listen to the latest episode below: