Rich & Fit Personal Training is built on a one-of-a-kind, world-class approach backed by our proven Fission~Fusion Method. This secret, ultra-effective training regimen achieves stunning transformations without resorting to crazy diets. 

Developed and tested over the course of Amir Siddiqui’s 20+ years of intense training and 2000+ empowered clients, Fission~Fusion works its million-dollar wonders on every age, body type, ability; so effective it even overcomes genetic limitations to ensure you get the results you want.

Here’s what makes Fission~Fusion so special and effective:
  • 80% Training and 20% Diet: the opposite of what you’ll see at any other gym… and why you never got the results you wanted no matter who you worked with, how hard you exercised, or how little you ate.
  • A better balance of weight-training and cardio that makes the most of every second you spend working out. You build muscle (instead of losing it) and burn fat to get the body of your dreams in record time.
  • Tailored and personalized workouts to match your body type, capabilities, and fitness goals.
  • Our promise: Never stop seeing results, never get injured, and never get bored.

The Fission~Fusion Method has mastered the intricate potential of the human body’s energy systems, maximizing output to shed fat and develop functionality at a rapid rate beyond what you could hope to achieve on your own or with any other system or trainer on the planet. 

In short: it’s the biggest bang for your buck of effort, brought to you by the world’s best trainers. That’s a guarantee.

And don’t just take our word for it — see what just a few members of our elite community have to say about the Rich & Fit Personal Training experience:

"After the first training session, I was 100% sure that this is the place I wanted to train if I wanted to achieve the results I wanted. The trainers are excellent, and fully dedicated to push you to the limit.And when I say push you to the limit, I mean really to the limit where you get out of your comfort zone and start to see actual results!"

Rayan Abi Al Mona

"I hate to miss even a single session. I have never felt that I could get so much out of an hour as I do with them, each one more challenging and more fulfilling than the last."


"From 20% body fat at 92kg, to 9% body fat at 93kg in a little under 10 months. The knowledge these guys have is unreal, the support and guidance is second to none, and to top it off it's a super friendly gym with a great atmosphere."

Brenda Froggatt

For the record, these results are common. We have hundreds more reviews just like these, because we always deliver results.

If you’re sick of feeling weak, fat, slow, sluggish, lazy, or achy and dream of getting strong, lean, fit, powerful, and confident, sign up for a FREE consultation now.