My Soul and body regenerated in a short period of time. Their individual style, skills, and focus are second to none, and it results from the knowledge and awareness of what an individual always needs.

Munira Al Maazmi

Symmetry Gym to Rich And Fit Personal Training trainers surely know how to burn calories & build muscles. An incredibly inclusive, diverse, non-judgemental, high-energy workout. Trainings are painful (in a good way) but never boring.

Arun Koshi

By far this is the only place I have managed to achieve results and changes and this is simply because of the dynamic programs set by experts.

Eltigani Elmahi

I joined symmetry 4 months ago and the progress is amazing. I got much stronger being able to do chinups for the first time. My trainers are excellent pushing me beyond my preconceived limits. The staff is super nice and helpful. I would recommend this gym to anyone that wants to see results and are tired of finding for not reaching their goals.

Chris Sammut

After having a baby (and some medical complications in the meantime) I've been struggling with my overweight for about two years. Deciding to give it a go at Symmetry Gym turned out to be one of the best (recent) decisions. It doesn't feel like any other gym around (been there...) and there's no nonsense involved, in terms of persuading the client to sign up... whatsoever, quite exceptional. Meal plans are strict but doable, training sessions are hard but refreshing. Best of all, every time you open the door, all you see is smile and all you hear is a warm "hello". A big "Thank You" to Symmetry Team for helping me to get a big step closer to my goal. It means a lot :) And please, Keep Up the Good Work

Bahar Kupessa

Symmetry Gym trainers surely knows how to burn calories & build muscles. An incredibly inclusive, diverse, non- judgemental, high energy workout. Trainings are painful(in a good way) but never boring. Gym is very well equipped & satisfy any fitness enthusiast. Fantastic trainers & excellent experience!

Arun Koshi

After the first training session, I was 100% sure that this is the place I wanted to train if I wanted to achieve the results I wanted. The trainers are excellent, and fully dedicated to push you to the limit.And when I say push you to the limit, I mean really to the limit where you get out of your comfort zone and start to see actual results!

Rayan Abi Al Mona